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The facts you may know:
The cost of heating fuel is at an all-time high. Most facilities are scrambling to find ways to offset their heating and fuel bills. At the same time, they are also finding out that no matter what they do they are saving very little, or compromising the working conditions of employees.

If you are generating waste oil you must dispose of it. It can't sit at your facility. You must pay for someone to haul your waste oil to a disposal or recycling site. If you are lucky, you may find someone to haul it for free. Some facilities have even found transporters to pay them as much as 20¢ per gallon for their used oil.

Did you ever wonder why someone would pay to haul your waste oil? Sure, some of it may be recycled and resold, but a great deal of it is now being used as a heating alternative. Those companies are buying what you refer to as waste oil and converting it to what they refer to as "black gold". While your heating costs rise, thanks to you, their heating costs diminish!

In reality you are paying someone else's fuel bill by letting them have your waste oil.

The facts you may not know:
You may think that you have taken care of your waste oil problem by having it hauled away, but Federal law states that the generator of used oil is responsible for it forever; however if you burn it on site your liability ends.

Even if an approved and licensed transporter hauls your waste oil, you are still liable for any cleanup or removal action incurred. Burning your oil on-site eliminates your liability.

When underground storage tanks with capacities of 1100 gallons or less are used for heating oil, they are exempted from the Federal UST Regulations.

Using your waste oil for a heating source eliminates the cost and risk associated with the current way you dispose of waste oil.

Waste oil burns very clean and efficiently. There are no odors or black smoke associated with waste oil heaters.

Proper maintenance will give you years of life in your waste oil heater.
Along with the facts mentioned above, it is important to note that used oil is the largest single source of water pollution in the U.S. today. By burning your waste oil on-site you are doing your part to save the environment. You are not only significantly reducing water pollution, but also conserving valuable energy.

So remember that along with saving thousands of dollars on fuel bills, on-site recycling of used oil for energy recovery is a safe, efficient, economical and environmentally-responsible method of managing used oil.

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