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If you don't think that you generate enough waste oil, or you don't need round-the-clock heat, Thermobile has the answer for you. These heaters are fired only when you need them and range from 100,000 to 200,000 BTUH. They come equipped with high and low settings and are very easy to maintain. There is also no odor to worry about.

These heaters are great for smaller shops or for the home garage. Thermobile heaters are easily installed requiring only a good location and proper ventilation.

With a very small investment you will be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars on your next heating bill. Most can recover the cost of their investment within one heating season, and that thought alone will make you feel warm!

Ideal instances for Thermobile waste oil heater installation:

  • Auto Service Garages
  • Transmission Repair Centers
  • Construction Equipment Service Shops
  • Garage Workshops
  • Transit Sheds
  • Warehouses

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