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Thermobile Waste Oil Heaters
All our models are equipped with a fuel tank that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. The capacity range is from 66,000 to 140,000 BTUH

Bio Energy 1 & Bio Energy 2
Bio 1 & Bio 2

The Bio Energy product line is very reliable and easy to use. The heaters do not require expensive metering pumps, oil pre-heaters, compressors, or burners. The Bio Energy product line burns vegetable oil by vaporizing the oil in a drip pan rather then pre heating the oil and using a compressor to spray the vegetable oil through a nozzle that can clog. After the heater is lighted manually the pump and fan automatically engage and operate at a low or high setting. All heaters come with a built in day tank for 18 - 26 hours of continuous operation.

Call 800-628-WASH for best price.

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Specifications BIO ENERGY 1 BIO ENERGY 2
66,000-100,000 Btu/hr 82,000-140,000 Btu/hr
Heated Airflow
1,500 ft2 5,000 ft2
Fuel Consumption
0.5-0.8 gal/hr 0.7-1.0 gal/hr
Tank Capacity
13 Gal 14.5 Gal
Run Time on Tank
16-26 Hours 14.5-20 Hours
Power Required
120/60 Hz 120/60 Hz
2.0 Amp 2.5 Amp
Chimney Diameter
6" 6"
21" X 53.5" X 34" 38.5" X 44.5" X 33.5"
183 Ibs 298 Ibs
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