Effortless Cleaning!

The all new Heatech TMB 7000 Parts washers are the most advanced water based parts washers available today. Heatech Parts Washers are designed engineered and developed to be low maintenance, cost effective, reliable parts washers. Our parts washers give you years and years of worry free parts cleaning service.

The Heatech
TMB 7000 parts washer is easier to use than a dishwasher. Just open the top-loading lid, insert your parts, close and lock the lid, turn it on and forget about it. When the timer goes off just open it and remove your freshly cleaned parts.

  • No Danderous chemicals
  • 220v
  • Heave duty 1/2" polyethylene base
  • Oil skimmerw 7 day timer
  • 0-30 min. wash cycle timer
  • Safety door switch
  • Parts tree
  • 500 lb loading capacity
  • Outside dimensions: L 36" x W 52" x H 52.25"

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